Jerome Alexander, B.A., M.B.A., C.P.A. has twenty-five years of management experience in Finance and Administration and nine years experience in industrial operations management. He has worked for both large corporations and mid-sized service and manufacturing concerns. This broad-based business background has provided him with a unique perspective on management at all levels from line foremen to senior staff and everyone in between. Having seen the best and the worst at work, he is sorry to say that the worst clearly outnumber the best.

Book Description
Organizations usually have the best of intentions when they institute new programs and policies, but something always seems to go wrong. Those good intentions are inevitably undermined by 160 degree deviators with personal agendas who cause morale to suffer and frustration to set in. This book focuses on certain types of managers who are the culprits in this hijacking of good intentions. The author identifies a subculture existing within the ranks of management and discusses why and how this subculture is able to thrive. Traits and behaviors of these 160 degree deviators are identified, as are the excuses and apologies used by their superiors to defend their creations. The author relates actual experiences to support his theories. Cynical, humorous and sometimes scary, these stories are all true. In the final chapter, the author gives advice on how to identify and nullify the effects of this deviant subculture

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