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One Year Down and Hopefully Many More to go!

March 9, 2008

My how time flies. This week marks the 1st anniversary of The Corporate Cynic blog. In honor of the occasion, I’d like to enumerate some interesting statistics from my blog’s dashboard:

# of posts – 55
# of blog hits – 8,000
# of comments – 57.

It’s truly been a labor of love but also a lot of hard work. Readers will recognize that I’m still a working stiff who puts in over 60 hours a week at the office. That sure doesn’t leave a lot of time for writing. I’ve tried to publish one post per week and hope that all of my stories and writings have brought some insight into the workplace and management issues that I consider important.

In honor of the event – and like all “service” anniversaries, I picked something out of the gift catalogue. Hmmm, slim pickings for one year of service. I chose the pen and mechanical pencil set. (It was actually a promotional item form the store where I buy office supplies.)

The best gift of all, however, was the very nice article about yours truly written by Linda Hatcher for the March issue of Leadership Guide Magazine. Here’s a link if you’d care to read it and visit this fine organization’s website: I’ve also posted a copy of Linda’s article under the Recent Articles category on the blog. Thanks again, Linda! I really appreciated you kind words.

To be honest, I’d almost given up on the blog several times over the past year. I wondered if anyone was even reading it. Every time that I considered calling it quits, I’d notice that someone new was linking to it or that one of my posts was published on another website or blog. I’m not one to give up easily but I do need some positive reinforcement from time to time.

So please keep coming back, I’ve got a million stories to tell. During my interview with Linda, she asked me about my favorite post from the Never Fail to Amaze category. Truthfully speaking, I don’t have one. As long as I’m employed in the modern corporate world, I’m certain that I will never fail to be amazed by what transpires there. The best stories are likely yet to come.

Remember, if you want to be good manager and run a healthy organization, read these stories and DON’T do what these managers, executives and companies do.

Thanks again. I’ll be back next week with another corker.