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You’ve reached the office of The Corporate Cynic, the official blog of Jerome Alexander.

Learn more about my book and me by clicking the About page at the right.

I’ve categorized my posts to make it easier to navigate and find exactly what you’re looking for:

Latest Post – contains my newest article, rant or story. If you’ve already read all the others, here’s a quick way to view anything new before it’s remanded to another catagory.

Never Fail to Amaze – contains stories from my thirty years in middle management. Like them or not, after reading you will understand why I have become the consummate corporate cynic.

Recent Articles – contains just that. Although I have been accused of being just another Internet windbag, my writings have been published in several online journals.

The “Double Secret” Handbook – contains chapters from the manual for bad executives. These are humorous fables written in the form of a “how-to” handbook for those who wreak havoc upon organizations and their employees.

The Corporate Cynic’s Manifesto – while perhaps not aptly named, contains my philosophy about bad leaders that has been shaped through years of experience and observation.

Real Leadership – contains articles I’ve written about what I believe to be a dying breed in modern corporate America. A bit of nostalgia perhaps.

Uncategorized – just what it says.

Poke around and have some fun. There is no pretense here. Leave a comment if you wish. I’m always open to suggestions on how to make this site a better experience.

Thanks for dropping by!


16 Responses to “Welcome to The Corporate Cynic”

  1. J's Blog Says:

    Great post – just got started in blogging recently.

  2. thecorporatecynic Says:

    Glad you enjoyed it! Stop by as often as you’d like and bring some friends. My door is always open. How many times have you heard that?


  3. Alex Says:

    Thank You

  4. thecorporatecynic Says:

    You’re more than welcome Alex. Drop by anytime. You’re always welcome here.


  5. Ju Says:

    Great post!

  6. thecorporatecynic Says:

    Thanks Ju! Drop by anytime. There’s much more to come!


  7. SEO Says:

    im impressed by the accuracy of your writing. keep up that good work.

  8. Amitai Givertz Says:

    Thanks for commenting on my humble little blog in reply to my linking you. As it happens over the last few days I’ve been reaching out to as many people that I link to to thank you for their contributions to my daily reading, thinking and amusement.

    Jerome, your blog is exemplary! Thank you very much for keeping it up.

    All the best for 2008 to you and your readers.

  9. Tony Glover Says:

    Inspiring stuff for other Corporate Cynics like me. I write about the occasional madness of working in a Global Corporation on my own little blog. It’s mainly aimed at grumpy men like me who are watching the world get madder and madder and seemingly being left behind…but who don’t mind not trying to keep up! The language is a bit coarse, but hey…that’s what being a Londobner does!

    Keep up the good work!

  10. Linda Hatcher Says:

    Hi, Jerome, we are a website devoted to the promotion of ethical, effective leadership. I believe your truthful views are accurate and important to those who truly seek those ideals.

    May I weave together several of your stories, with full credit and promotion of your book with a link, for inclusion in my articles for March? I am focusing on changes in leadership during the past few years, and I think your “Hollywood-esque” philosophy well-captures why leadership is not what it used to be, as you point out.

    Thanks for your consideration,
    Linda M. Hatcher, MBA

  11. thecorporatecynic Says:

    Hi Linda,

    You most certainly have my permission to use my stories for your article provded that proper attribution is given. Thanks for your interest and keep on coming back!


  12. Linda Hatcher, MBA Says:

    Yay, Jerome…thanks! I am staring down the barrel of a deadline with my hopes pinned on your positive response, so I am thrilled. I will definitely be back to visit; I have a Psycho Boss war story I’ll have to share sometime that has both wounded and blessed me for life.

    I look forward to seeing if you write about the effects of the fallout from deviators on the victims. What I find truly disturbing is that great people (myself humbly included) flee these situations as soon as possible, leaving the organization even more fractured and dysfunctional. Having now found my home in a well-run organization (in education, not corporate America, despite my MBA, by the way), I am astounded at the mental freedom it has afforded me and my talents to be free of the deviators. Anyway, thanks for your honesty, and for permission to feature your work. Watch for it in the March issue. (You can subscribe to our free newsletter at the site link provided, if you desire, or simply visit the site to see the feature(s). Regards, Linda Hatcher

  13. David Says:

    Are you still updating this site? I miss reading it!

  14. thecorporatecynic Says:

    So sorry David. I just haven’t had the time to keep the site up with new stories (not that I don’t have lots more). I’ve been extremely busy working on the integration of my former company into our new owner’s organization as well as putting all efforts into finding another position elsewhere. Mine will be “eliminated” shortly. Hope to be back soon as soon as I can find new employment and settle in.

    Cheers to All!

  15. Ernesto Says:

    Hi, Jerome. I hope you have succeeded in your last efforts. I too miss your posts here.
    You cannot imagine how long is the “corporative-policy arm”. What you have written applies perfectly to my work environment. And I’m a South American, working in South America, in a manufacturing plant that was owned by an American corporation, and then sold to a German corporation.
    But I could bet all my bosses (even most of them aren’t American nor German) have read the “Double Secret” Handbook.
    Good luck!

  16. sheilla wroten Says:

    Just layed off after 16 yrs with the same company. I got 27 days notice. Thought I hit the job lottery when in 3 wks I was hired by a fortune 100 company. After just 8 days I had to tap into their anonymous employee care network for counseling referrals.
    My new manager is the one you talk about that thinks that because he has 20 yrs he is far smarter & superior that anybody & no matter how contrite I am he is determined to blungeon me into submission. So glad I stumbled onto your book, it’s not quite as lonly anymore, but I doubt he’ll let me make the mandatory 90 days.

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